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Bud Light vs. Target: The Challenges of “Woke” Marketing Moves

With consumer expectations that brands will align with their values, armed with the collective power of social media, marketing has never been this complicated. In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas, and Veronica look at what the hell happened with Bud Light and Target this summer.  Bold moves require bold action. If you take that leap […]

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Bonus Episode: Keeping Your Audience Tuned In with Kira Lew

In this bonus episode of Brand2Brand, Veronica St. Cyr sits down with Kira Lew, morning show host of 97.5 WOKQ, to discuss building brand loyalty that lasts. Kira leads the morning show on the largest country radio station north of Boston, and her success is a direct result of her ability to keep her audience […]

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Campbell’s vs. Cadillac: Brand Evolution to Reach Younger Audiences

As new generations gain spending power, brands must adapt to make connections. In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica discuss how brands can evolve to reach new audiences without alienating the generations that lead to their success. Keeping market share is an ever-changing game. Let us give you the right playbook to win. Reference […]

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Silicon Valley loves AI startups, and businesses should too. In this episode of Brand2Brand, Thomas and Veronica dig into what all businesses can gain from AI-powered tools while discussing the benefits of democratizing access.  With the rate of new AI products hitting the market, there’s a lot to choose from. However, not adopting any AI […]

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We Created an Entire Campaign Using AI Tools. Here’s How it Went.

In a world driven by technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving the creative landscape, pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible. In an effort to stay on top of the latest trends and technology, the team at Stirling Brandworks prioritizes a bi-annual Innovation Day dedicated to learning new skills and tools. Artificial intelligence (AI) was […]

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Dissecting the Twitter/X Rebrand

Elon’s back at it again. Twitter has recently undergone a complete transformation, rebranding itself as “X.” The move has left marketers in a state of confusion and skepticism, with some seeing it as a bold and innovative step while others view it as an irrational decision that risks the loss of brand value. Is it […]

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Selling to the Next Generation

Why Brands Need to Adapt to Stay Relevant Are you tired of brands trying to appeal to Gen Z and millennials with outdated tactics? It’s like watching your grandma dabbing at Thanksgiving dinner. With these two generations comprising a massive chunk of the consumer market, companies must get creative to capture their attention. In this […]

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We Asked ChatGPT About Using ChatGPT to Write a Blog. Here’s How it Went.

How can ChatGPT revolutionize blog writing? As marketers and business leaders, tools like ChatGPT can astronomically shift our team’s productivity. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed to mimic and produce dialogue conversationally. It instantly produces content and responses based on the prompts you provide. To share a glimpse of how to leverage the increasingly popular […]

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