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A not-so-serious marketing show, for serious marketers.


Season Three Highlight Reel

And that’s a wrap! As we close out another season of the show, we pulled all the best moments together for another highlight reel. Tune in to join Thomas and Veronica as they revisit everything from adapting heritage brands to stay relevant, the importance of leadership’s personal brand and how to best speak to your […]

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Liberty Mutual vs. Pepsi: Marketing In-House or Agency

In this episode, we explore how Pepsi and Liberty Mutual found marketing success despite their different approaches to advertising. Pepsi has consistently relied on its in-house expertise while collaborating with many agency partners. Conversely, Liberty Mutual strengthened its internal team to develop an in-house agency that takes on other clients. Both are growing due to […]

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GEICO vs. Progressive: How Marketing Made Insurance Fun

In this episode, get ready to dissect how GEICO and Progressive flipped the script, turning an industry known for its snooze-fest advertising into a marketing powerhouse. With a cocktail of audacious humor and unforgettable mascots, these brands rewrote the rules, proving that even insurance can be cool. This episode is a masterclass in marketing bravado, […]

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Polaroid vs. Converse: Selling With Nostalgia

Polaroid and Converse, each with a rich history and a deeply ingrained place in pop culture, demonstrate the power of nostalgia in modern branding. In this episode, we explore their strategies for staying true to their roots while evolving to meet contemporary tastes, treating their products as commodities and enduring icons of style and sentiment.  […]

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